Joy Reserve Makers Market

from July 16 to December 17

Meet Your Maker every 3rd Saturday. We will be hosting over 40 brands in Westfield San Francisco Centre.

The mission of Joy Reserve Maker's Market is not only to support local bay-area businesses, but also to aid bringing the community back to San Francisco. Focusing on small businesses and artists first, the Maker's Market will feature live music, local craftsmen and artists, as well as highlighting some of the best of the best cannabis and hemp brands available in California. The Maker's Market is a treat for your eyes, ears, and mind.


Come meet the Makers behind some of your favorite brands, get educated on how they produce or grow their products and take advantage of some amazing deals! The event will start at 11:00AM and will run until 6:00PM!

We will be showcasing some art pieces from local artist, sip on artisan mocktails, get educated on the benefits of hemp and cannabis products, and much more!


We will be featuring brands from the following industries:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Artist
  • Skin Care
  • Culinary
  • Craft
  • Apparel/Fashion
  • Education
  • Hemp
  • Cannabis
  • Music


Location: Level 2

Level 2, Joy Reserve

Address: 865 Market St. San Francisco CA 94103


  • Wear a mask if unvaccinated or feel more comfortable wearing a mask in public spaces
  • Stay home if they are sick or are exhibiting any symptom associated with COVID-19
Joy Reserve Mission

Our mission in the cannabis industry is to provide consumers with our breadth of knowledge to ensure that the most optimal products are being purchased to help with health benefits. Although plant-based wellness is not a recent discovery, we would still like to introduce the use of cannabis and hemp to the lives of those who have not used such products. Compounds such as THC & CBD, which are found in cannabis, are able to remedy pain, insomnia, anxiety, and exercise recovery. The Joy in our name represents relief and fun, whereas 'Reserve' stands for quality over quantity. Our products are chosen with the intention of promoting healthy longevity. 

Saturday17 Dec11:00 AM - 6:00 PM