99 Ranch

A Taiwanese-American supermarket chain. 99 Ranch sells a wide range of imported food products and merchandise from Hong Kong, Japan, China Taiwan, Korea and Southeast Asia.


A entertainment destination, with the biggest selection of arcade games, prizes, 100+ esports titles and a modern American menu from The Works Kitchen.

Meet Fresh

Meet Fresh offers innovative Taiwanese desserts made with traditional ingredients like taro, barley, sweet potato, red beans, soy beans, and grass jelly. The extensive menu features more than 150 items that can be served in a number of combinations - hot or cold and with or without toppings. Choose from taro ball and grass jelly dishes, to tofu pudding, shaved ice, mile tea, herbal tea, and more.

Wheel Works

Wheel Works offers a variety of services including New Tires, Full Service Vehicle Maintenance & Car Repair Shop - Batteries, brakes, 0il change, alignment & engine repair.

TP Tea

TP TEA shows off the high-quality nature of its tea and is a less sweet, more traditional-style Taiwanese milk tea.