Curbside Pickup at Westfield Montgomery

Curbside pickup is now available. Shop your favorite stores online or directly by phone. The stores will provide pick up instructions including the proper parking zone to use. When you arrive, follow the signs to your designated zone and let the store know you are here. Your order will be delivered to your car. Convenient, safe, and easy.

Zones & Parking

Drive to your designated pickup zone. If you do not know which zone you are supposed use, please reference the list below. You can also text our Answers on the Spot team at 410.220.6868 for additional assistance.

Participating Stores Offering Curbside

RetailerAssigned ZoneOrderStore Phone #Additional Details
NordstromDesignated ZoneWeb App301.365.4111Curbside pickup availble by East garage level 1
Chick Fil AFood Court ZoneWeb App301.365.6764Curbside outside of Arclight Theater at Food Court Entry
Cheesecake FactoryZone AWeb App301.469.5166Curbside adjacent to restaurant
California Pizza FactoryZone Cwebsite301.469.6000Reserved spaces adjacent to restaurant
Tara ThaiZone Cwebsite301.657.0488Reserved spaces adjacent to restaurant
Ledo's PizzaWestlake Crossing Shopping Centerwebsite301.469.6700Westlake Crossing - Carryout only
Corner Bakerywestlake Crossing Shopping Centerwebsite Westlake Crossing
Don Pollo ChickenWestlake Crossing Shopping Centerwebsite301.347.6175Westlake Crossing
Popeye's ChickenFood Court Zonewebsite301.365.1445 
Mirch MarsalaFood Court Zonewebsite301.365.0677 
Anne TaylorZone Dwebsite  
TalbotsZone Awebsite  
Macy'sFood Court Zonewebsite301.469.6800 
Macy's HomeFood Court Zonewebsite  
American EagleZone Awebsite  
CoachZone Cwebsite