Candace Kristin's March Style Blog

It’s March, which means to this stylist, Spring-cleaning month. It’s also time for a refresh on beauty and health.  The theme of this March is- out with the old and in with the new!


Did you know we have a new service at Westfield Garden State Plaza?  You can now book a virtual closet edit with me, Candace Kristin, WGSP’s stylist.  For a limited time, purchase a $100 or more Westfield gift card and receive a free fashion guidance session where we will tour through the stores of GSP and find the BEST looks for you!


Is nothing in your wardrobe exciting you anymore, and you’re wearing the same 5 rotating looks? Do you say:


I have a closet full of clothing and not sure what and how to wear half of it?

My answer: let me help you get rid of what is not working for you anymore and replenish with clothing that will enhance your current wardrobe with key essential pieces that are timeless and functional.


We are still in COVID, where am I going?

My answer: Sure, times are different, but let’s shelf the leggings and sweatshirt combo and create new “casual-chic” looks that are still comfortable but stylish to take you from running errands to dinner out.  I promise you will love me for it!


I have been online shopping for months and not sure how to put all the pieces together.

My answer:  Walk away from the mouse, online shopping is convenient, but it can be time consuming, generally buying what is on sale and often doesn’t work for your closet. Allow me to help you fill in the blanks and find pieces fast and efficiently to create new “favorite looks”. 


Nothing in my closet gets me excited anymore!

My answer: It happens to all of us, myself included.  This is the time to think about hiring a stylist to help.  I will help you identify your personal style that might have changed from last year.  We will shop your own closet and see what is working and what needs to be “donated, tossed or sold”.  We will purchase key items that will work alongside your current closet within your budget.  We can make changes to help you achieve your style goals.  Trust me you will feel refreshed and find a newfound love for your very own closet. 


Text to book a virtual closet makeover:  201-957-7655

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Since this is a month of out of the old in with the new, I also sift through my health and beauty cabinet and toss out expired products and rejuvenate with new.  Now, let’s chat about a number of health and beauty products I am coveting this spring season.

On Sundays, We Mask!

That includes my face and hair. I am currently loving Botanical repair and intensive strengthening mask. Visit Aveda, Level 2 near JCrew.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Hydrate your face with Body Shop Vitamin E mask sheets, erase the winter dryness. Visit The Body Shop, Level 2 near Macy’s.

The Importance of Self-Care

One of my favorite self-care rituals is making a cup of tea, lighting a candle, and diving into a bath and relax. It’s perfect “me time”, for one hour I completely turn out life and recharge. I start with a Twilight Bath Bomb from LUSH Cosmetics. Try one that help ensures sleep or relaxation, like this one, called Twilight. Visit LUSH, Level 2 near California Pizza Kitchen.

Moisturize and Nourish

After the bath, I always make sure to moisturize and I prefer an oil over a lotion. My skins feels extra hydrated and nourished. Kiehl’s Crème De Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil is great for sensitive skin and provides you with a lustrous hydrated skin for hours. It also smells delicious! Visit Kiehl’s, Level 1 near Neiman Marcus.

Lustrous Lips

And let’s not forgot to take care of the lips, especially during the cold days of winter. I keep L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm in my bag at all times as well as apply after the bath and before bed. Visit L’Occitane, Level 1 near Macy’s.

Let’s Get Our Beautiful Faces Ready

One of my go-to best sellers in beauty is a good highlighting powder, such as NARS Highlighting Powder. My favorite shade is Champagne! I have several and keep one in my handbag for when I need to freshen up my face at the office or on the go. You just never know who you will run into! Visit NARS Level 2 near California Pizza Kitchen.

Leggings For Days

I know we are sick of them, but March weather gets us excited to start working on our Summer bodies! Fabletics launched a new collection with actress Madelaine Petsch and the collection has really unique pastel pinks, greens, reds and blues. Visit Fabletics, Level 2 near Lord & Taylor.

Lashes For Days

Ladies, we all know it’s ALL about the lashes. But ditch the cost of eyelash extensions and lifts for this amazing mascara, Monsieur Big by Lancome. Often, I just leave the house with a good bronzer, highlighter and mascara, that’s it. A good mascara is heaven, and your eyes will look dreamy too! Visit Sephora, Level 2 near Macy’s.

Plump, Plump, Plump it Up!

Although our lips are behind our masks, we still need to show them love! Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper will leave you with a full, desirable pout. Visit Sephora, Level 2 near Macy’s.