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Your safety

Westfield La Maquinista implements a series of actions to guarantee your peace of mind during your visit to the Center. Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us, therefore, we have the following services:

  • 22 professional security guards work in this center so that you feel safe.
  • We have 150 security cameras with permanent recording.
  • 10 assistants at your disposal to inform you and help you during your stay at the center.
  • We have a Caddy to improve parking surveillance and support customers who need assistance.
  • Cardio Protection Service in order to combat sudden cardiac death. They can use any of the 3 defibrillators installed in the columns in an emergency. Westfield La Maquinista is one of the few
  • Shopping Centers in Barcelona that has this highly advanced and effective protection system.
  • In an emergency, our agents are able to offer you first aid (first aid kit, stretcher, wheelchair, etc.). The infirmary is located at the Permanent Security Post (Floor 0, at the Asunción street access next to Mediamarkt).