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Sephora has invented a unique, cutting-edge beauty shopping experience and, since it was founded, has made a success of its revolutionary retail concept. Its distinctive black-and-white stripes make it instantly recognisable – it offers its customers innovative products and services worldwide.
At Sephora, you can touch, try out, experiment, just as you please. The freedom to experiment is central to the customer experience whether in-store or online. The company's mission is simple – to offer an exceptional range of beauty products with, as guest stars, its Made In Sephora products. What does it offer its customers? Sephora is a fun place to find things out! Beauty is based on convention. This is something that Sephora understands well. With its unexpected services, designer stores and unique tone, this fearless label is never short of ideas to make you sit up, as nonconformity is part of its DNA.
Nowadays, you can find Sephora’s unique shopping concept in all four corners of the world as well as on its online shopping sites.

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