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Welcome to Starbucks, where the art of coffee meets a unique experience, an unwavering commitment to quality, ethics, and an exceptional experience in every cup.

Since 2004, we've been selecting the world's finest, passionately roasted, responsibly grown and ethically traded coffees, sharing the expertise we've developed in Seattle over nearly 50 years.

Explore our world of flavours, from classic Caramel Macchiato, fresh drinks like Refresha or Frappuccino, to seasonal creations. At Starbucks, you can customise your drink from 86,000 possible combinations (vegetable drink, shot of espresso, whipped cream, etc.).

Pair it with sweet treats (like our famous cookies) or savoury delights (we'll let you discover our sandwiches, wraps, or our famous Egg & Bacon Muffin...), available for every break in your day.

Our lounges are cosy places where you can relax and indulge. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi access and sit back in our comfortable armchairs for a break that's just like you.

Starbucks is much more than a coffee: it's an invitation to share, relax and create unforgettable moments.

Welcome to Starbucks!

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Starbucks Cofee

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Starbucks Cofee

Let's celebrate summer with some refreshing and tasty new products!


Starbucks Cofee