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Konstborgen AB stands as a beacon of Swedish design, crafting bespoke artworks for both private residences and public spaces. Our creations are born from the imaginative minds of our talented artists, skilled in the realms of photography, graffiti, and digital art. This guarantees that each piece we offer is not only unique but also carries the unmistakable mark of Konstborgen’s originality.
Before any new artwork is unveiled, it undergoes a meticulous examination and critique by our team of artists, ensuring the highest standards of quality. Once approved, these paintings find their place on our website, heralded as the latest additions to our collection.
Exciting news awaits as we venture into the realm of glass art. Starting in April 2024, we proudly present the modern creations of Stockholm’s esteemed glassworks, lovingly crafted in Skansen’s historic glass furnace, steeped in tradition dating back to the 1930s.
Setting a new milestone, Mall of Scandinavia will become the inaugural physical showcase for these exquisite creations, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to experience them firsthand.
Stay tuned for more updates and exciting releases in May, as we continue to push the boundaries of artistic innovation.

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