Filmstaden Scandinavia

The cinema that gives you a whole new experience

Filmstaden Scandinavia is a cinema that gives you a whole new cinema experience. Equipped with 15 auditoriums, the latest in audio technology and the largest auditorium; the IMAX salon with 500 seats. The huge screen runs from the floor to the ceiling and the rows of seats are closer to the screen. This, combined with a specially designed sound system, gives the audience a totally different film experience. The larger format has made IMAX a worldwide success. 7 of the salons show 3D films where effects feel closer when the entire field of view is used. Filmstaden Scandinavia also has a separate VIP cinema with four auditoriums with 160 exclusive seats and an adjacent restaurant. Filmstaden Scandinavia is more than just films, here you can really enjoy your experience. Bring along your friends, family or someone you love, to experience film at it's best.

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