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At Brothers you'll find everything you need for the male closet: base garments such as chinos, t-shirts and shirts, accessories, suits and seasonal news. Our offer is based on the thought that every man should be able to feel like his best self. At Brothers we believe that a well dressed outer self, gives the confidence to dare be ones true self. That's why we create well dressed fashion with superior fit for a reasonable price, so that as many as possible will be able to have the style to be them selfs.

Brothers is a Swedish male fashion brand that started in 1992 with 54 stores in Sweden and 12 in Finland. Today we have about 300 employees and 27 years of experience in fashion and service. Our goal is to help customers find their personal style with a complete range of mens fashion i one and the same place, where you as a customer can feel confident to find garments that suits your personality and every occasion: from every day ware to outfits for weddings, exam celebrations and interviews. 

The mix of our own brands and external brands gives you a broad range, and makes it possible to find your favourited with a Scandinavian touch. We also believe in equality for all, in tolerance and diversity, as well as the importance of acting in a sustainable way. What the modern Scandinavian man stands for. To truly be well dressed, you need to be confident in your style, and we'll convinced the way there is a relaxed approach to both fashion and fashion rules.

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