Here at Fisketorvet we do everything we can to give everyone the opportunity to have a nice and convenient shopping trip. We take pride in meeting everyone's needs, and for this reason we have chosen to focus too much on making the overall experience better for the families in the center.

Blæksprutten Bertil
First saturday every month between 12-16, you can meet the always energetic and friendly octopus Bertil. He always walks around with his two best friends Molly and Mille. They are good at helping Bertil with everything and helping to play with all the children. When you meet Bertil, you can occasionally help to try the happiness of his lucky wheel and if you are lucky you can win gifts. You can find Bertil on level 2 at the big fishing time.

Baby lounge
At the center level 2 between the Clothes Experts and Dressmann you will find our baby lounge, which we have established to free our customers with babies for worries regarding blue skull, breastfeeding, etc. Here you can keep calm and calm in order to get what is going on Arranged in emergency situations.

Child-friendly customer cars, kid cars and strollers

Upon request in the information at Fisketorvet, we give you the opportunity to borrow free strollers. You simply have to register Fisketorvet's benefit card. We would like to give to the families that need it, so that you do not get unnecessary challenges with tired children during the shopping trip. In addition, we would like to make the day a little more fun for both you and your children, so you can also borrow kid cars and customer cars made as go-karts so the children can sit in and pretend they drive a car.

The benefit card is free and registration can be viewed through our app or at the website

Children's Fitness
If your children want to get into a fitness center and get a little bit, FitnessDK Junior Holds offers children and adolescents between 7-14 years. Here you can be taught in a lot of different disciplines and exercises, to improve your well-being, fitness, balance, etc. Additionally, there is the possibility of joining the Mother / Baby team where, as a new born mother, she can come down with her baby and rebuild her body after birth, including stomach and back training. The Mother / Baby team takes place every monday and thursday at. 11:00, and you can see more info here on the Fitness page

When you need a break from shopping - get a cup of coffee while the kids can use our playground or watch beautiful fish in the great coral reef aquarium. You will find cafes right next to the area.

Bracelets for the children
Should the accident be out and one of the children traverses the center, Fisketorvet naturally also has a solution. Come down to the information on arrival at Fisketorvet, and get a bracelet for your child. Here you can write a phone number where you can be contacted if your child should be lost in the center.