Effective face-to-face marketing

Effective face-to-face marketing is a real choice in a reality where consumers are continuously bombarded with advertisements. Achieve unique attention, contact and sales in the important time and place where customers are open-minded, wants to be inspired and have time. 

Fisketorvet - Copenhagen Mall – The right place with the right audience

Every day, between 20,000 and 40,000 people visit Fisketorvet - Copenhagen Mall on the Copenhagen waterfront. They are here to shop, to be entertained and thrilled. Within the frames of Fisketorvet - Copenhagen Mall, interested companies and organisations can achieve direct contact with the right mix of big city shoppers including both children, youth, families, singles and elders. Nearly everyone has time and are receptive to input and experiences. They have time and want to be inspired and entertained. 

Promotion and event activities

At Fisketorvet - Copenhagen Mall, the company will get close to the customers. Here, you will find the ideal conditions of exposing the company, offers and goods. 

Complete effect and direct response

Face-to-face marketing simply means to stand directly in front of both current and potential customers. You can talk to them – face-to-face – and thereby affect them with your knowledge about how your product can be the solution to their needs.
By meeting potential customers face-to-face, a product will be remembered better than many other forms of marketing. 

The customers responses comes directly and this valuable knowledge can be used strategically and business oriented in other contexts. It gives obvious advantages in relation to competitors positioning. 

Room for action and high ceilings

Whether or not you bring 10 gaming consoles, want to rent an area of 100 m2 to a big exhibition or have an idea for a fun test track for running activities, we have room for it all. Is it about launching new games to screens, host competitions or build a mini house, we have the space for great experiences – indoor and in the centre of the city.  
Fisketorvet - Copenhagen Mall makes up a gross total of 57,000 m2 over four levels with more than 100 shops, lots of restaurants, and the big cinema CinemaxX with 10 screens.

The corridors are wide and there are several open areas – enough room for a large international road show with lots of equipment to attract customers’ attention. 
While you bring products, exhibitions, and special effects, we make the location and customers.