1. We promote public transportation 
55% of our customers arrive at Galeria Wileńska by public transportation. 
Galeria Wileńska ensured that bikes can be left secure in front of two main entrances to the mall and on the car park.
There are 50 special parking spaces for bikers. 
Customers arriving in Galeria Wileńska by electric cars may charge them using a special charging station at the car park.

2. We are fully accessible to everyone 
Galeria Wileńska’s staff have been trained to assist people with disabilities and received a certificate awarded by the Friends of Integration Association (Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Integracji). 
Disabled visitors with dogs can enter the mall without any problem.

3. Keeping it clean 
Annually Galeria Wileńska organizes a campaign to collect used electronic appliances. It is accompanied by intense educational efforts addressed at children and adults. 
Bins to collect e-waste are available at Galeria Wileńska at all times.

4. We inspire action
All tenants optimize energy consumption.
Environmentally-friendly efforts are promoted at the mall, which helps minimize negative impact on the natural environment.
Galeria Wileńska engages in cyclical educational events in ecology entitled EKO PRAGA.

5. We save water and energy
Energy consumption at the facility is minimized thanks to LED lighting.
Electric energy use is down thanks to: replacing the lighting with LED lighting in the new food court, modernizing a ventilation system in a room with chilled-water units and replacing car park lamps.
Water consumption is minimized at the facility thanks to the installed modern sanitary systems (tap inserts).

6. Environmental compliance
An environmental audit has been conducted at the facility, following which beehives were installed on the roof and more plants were planted. Galeria has obtained a very high BREEAM rating recognizing its administrator’s broad environmental initiatives."