Community Day 2023

Preserving species diversity, protecting habitats and promoting biodiversity - the Loki Schmidt Foundation, which is cooperating with Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier on this year's Community Day, has made it its mission to do all of this.

With its projects, the Loki Schmidt Foundation is committed to the protection of native animals and plants and promotes education on the subject of the environment. Every year, the Loki Schmidt Foundation plans and organises more than a thousand events to raise awareness for the protection of nature and its habitats and to discover them with all the senses.

Together with botanist Laura Jürgens, who is responsible for land and project management at the foundation, the Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier team was out mowing the so-called Wild Meadows in Rahlstedt with scythes.

Beforehand, there was a practical introduction to the tools and then a talk about the wet meadows and the plants and animals that live there, such as hedgehogs and frogs. These were first carefully moved by hand. To protect the animals and the soil, it is important to mow the grass carefully with scythes and not simply drive over it with a lawnmower. The mown grass was then raked up and removed.

The employees not only had a lot of fun, but above all helped to preserve habitats and nature. Tip: Anyone can help, support the foundation and/or listen to lectures on biodiversity.

You can find all information on this and the calendar of events HERE.