House and user regulations

Dear guests,

Welcome to Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier.

We look forward to your visit and will do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible. In order to offer you all the highest possible level of safety, comfort and relaxation, we need your help. We therefore appeal to your understanding and consideration and ask you to refrain from doing anything that could impair the pleasant atmosphere at Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier. 


To ensure this, we have laid down the following rules, which we ask you to observe:

1. no one may obstruct, harass or endanger other people.

2. making music in the quarter is only permitted with the written permission of the quarter management.

3. any sale of goods as well as the distribution of flyers, brochures or similar on the premises requires the written permission of the neighborhood management.

4. dogs must be kept on a leash. The owner must remove any soiling immediately.

5. the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited outside the catering establishments.

6. the instructions of the employees of the neighborhood management and the security service must be followed immediately. They have the right to expel persons from the premises at any time.

7. if the house rules are violated, a ban will be issued. If the legal requirements are met, a criminal complaint will also be filed for all possible offenses.

8. professional photography, the creation of video recordings and drone flights are only permitted with the written permission of the neighborhood management.

9. the unloading and disposal of waste not generated in Westfield Hamburg - Überseequartier is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted and reported to the police.

10. feeding birds in the quarter is not permitted.

11. Smoking and vaping are prohibited in all indoor areas and under the glass roof without exception.

12. guests must comply with all regulatory requirements.
In particular, the following is prohibited
- the use of fire - the storage of fuels and flammable objects
- the unnecessary honking of horns and the disturbance of third parties through exhaust fumes and noise
- the unnecessary running of engines and
- stopping vehicles that are leaking operating fluids (e.g. oil/fuel)

13. bicycles and motorcycles may not be driven or pushed through the shopping street. Kickboards, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, e-scooters, Segways and similar vehicles, whether motorized, electric or muscle-powered, are also not permitted for safety reasons. Mobility aids such as wheelchairs, rollators and baby carriages are of course exempt from this ban.

14. the regulations and traffic signs applicable to public road traffic apply to traffic in the underground car park and must be observed, as must all other traffic regulations posted in the underground car park.

15. the guest must park his vehicle exclusively and precisely in the marked spaces in such a way that unhindered entry and exit is also possible at all times in the neighboring parking spaces.

16. If parking spaces are designated for special groups of people or vehicle types, these regulations must be observed:
a) Only vehicles whose entire occupants are of the female sex may be parked in women's parking spaces. Children are excluded from this regulation.
b) Only vehicles in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations may be parked in parking spaces for the severely disabled.
c) Only vehicles with a total height of less than the specified maximum height may be parked in parking spaces that are restricted for vehicles with special maximum heights.

17. if the guest does not observe these regulations, the operator is authorized without further notice to have the incorrectly parked vehicle removed by appropriate measures at the guest's expense.

18. the parking spaces and their facilities must be used carefully and properly. Any damage will be repaired at the guest's expense.

19. cleaning, repair and maintenance work on the vehicle is prohibited within the entire underground parking garage.

20. the cleaning of the underground car park is carried out by the operator; however, any soiling for which the guest is responsible must be removed immediately by the guest. Otherwise, the operator is entitled to have this soiling removed at the guest's expense.

21. the parking of vehicles is at the guest's own risk. Only officially registered vehicles may be parked. There is no security.

22. camping and overnight stays in vehicles such as cars, trucks, camper vans, etc. are prohibited on the entire site.


Your Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier