On January 30, 2019, Westfield UTC introduced a new secured parking plan designed to ensure that our valued customers have the convenient parking access they deserve.

The plan keeps the first two hours of parking at UTC free of charge, with company research showing that this will accommodate nearly 85% of existing customer visits.

After the initial two hours of free parking, guests are charged $2 each hour thereafter – $2 for visits lasting 2-3 hours, $4 for visits lasting 3-4 hours, and $6 for visits lasting 4-5 hours. The $15 daily maximum is reached for visits lasting longer than 9 hours. Lost ticket rate is daily maximum. No refunds. 

Patrons of UTC’s Arclight Cinemas, 24-Hour Fitness, Seasons 52, and the UTC Ice Sports Center are able to receive validations for additional hours of free parking, with the first $2-per-hour charge only coming into effect upon expiration of the extended validation.

UTC has also rolled out a full suite of convenient new parking options to improve the customer experience for all visitors, which include:

  • A well-lit, secure, and easy-to-navigate five-level parking structure offering direct and convenient access to shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • The center’s new parking facilities also feature “park assist technology” – a simple, easy-to-understand system of red and green lights leading drivers directly to the first available open space.
  • For those guests who enjoy the convenience of valet service, UTC offers a luxury, four-lane valet drive-up on La Jolla Village Drive next to Javier’s and Larsen’s Steakhouse (near the corner of Genesee Avenue). There is a flat $8 rate for visits lasting up to four hours, with an additional $2 per hour fee thereafter (up to a daily maximum of $20).
  • UTC also now includes a new designated drop-off and pick-up station for Uber vehicles (located alongside Room & Board).

The secured parking plan was designed to help alleviate the inconveniences experienced by UTC guests as a result of the hundreds of vehicles left on-site each day by individuals making visits elsewhere in the local neighborhood.

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UTC tenants have the option of purchasing for their employees monthly or daily parking passes. If not purchased by the employer, individual employees may purchase the passes themselves. More details, including costs, have been provided to store managers to share with employees. The Westfield UTC Parking Office is available to support parking pass purchase activity:

In addition, Westfield UTC is pleased to be able to provide interested store employees a 50% subsidy on the cost of monthly public transit passes (Westfield UTC will subsidize $36 of the $72 monthly expense) on the San Diego MTS. These subsidies are available at the Westfield UTC Management Office.


For guests who enjoy the convenience of valet parking, Westfield UTC offers a luxury, four-lane valet drive-up on La Jolla Village Drive next to Javier’s and Larsen’s Steakhouse (near the corner of Genesee Avenue). Click here to learn more about valet parking rates and operating hours.