Curbside Pickup at Westfield San Francisco Centre


Curbside pickup is now available. Shop your favorite stores online or directly by phone. The stores will provide pick up instructions including the proper parking zone to use. When you arrive, follow the signs to your designated zone and let the store know you are here. Your order will be delivered to your car. Convenient, safe, and easy.

Zones & Parking

Drive to your designated pickup zone. If you do not know which zone you are supposed use, please reference the list below. You can also text our Answers on the Spot team at 415.233.8692 for additional assistance.

Participating Stores Offering Curbside

Please note store hours may change, please call store to verify.

Store Assigned ZoneOrderStore Phone #Curbside Hours
Abercrombie & Fitch5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 284-927611AM - 7PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
American Eagle5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 543-455011AM - 7PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
Bake Cheese Tart5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 629-827411:30AM - 5:30PM Mon-Sat |12:30PM - 4:30PM Sun
Banana Republic5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415 )546-03408AM - 4PM Mon-Sun
Bloomingdale'sMission StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 856-5300 option 211AM - 6PM Sun - Sat
Club Monaco Men's Shop5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 344-045311AM - 7PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
Coach5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 543-715211AM - 6PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
Express5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 357-134511AM - 7PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
Hollister5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 957-549511AM - 7PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
J.Crew5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 546-626211AM - 6PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
Kiehl's5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 644-011211AM - 6PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
LEGO5th StreetPhone(415) 778-282711AM - 4PM Mon-Tues |11AM - 6PM Wed-Sat | 12pm - 6pm Sun
Madewell5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 644-074811AM - 5PM Mon-Fri
Nordstrom5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 471-746211AM - 7PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
Pandora5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 569-698411AM - 5:30PM Mon - Sat |1PM - 5PM Sun
Razer5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 546-313611AM - 7PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
Red Valentino5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 543-490011AM - 7PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
Tiffany&Co.5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 536-39609:30AM - 5:30PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 5:30PM Sun
Tory Burch5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 371-006511AM - 6PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun
Torneau5th StreetWebsite/Phone(415) 974-184611AM - 7PM Mon-Sat |12PM - 6PM Sun