Westfield Mokotów provides charging stations for electric cars in its space. All our environmentally conscious customers who drive electric cars can use this service in specially designated parking spaces located on Level 2B (entrance from Rodziny Hiszpańskich Street)

For the comfort of our guests arriving at Westfield Mokotów in electric cars, we have arranged parking spaces equipped with special charging stations. The stations are compatible with the Revnet application, thanks to which it is easy to check the availability of charging stations and navigate the charging session. Now our customers who drive electric cars can enjoy our retail, services, entertainment, and catering offer while their car is charging.

How do the stations at Westfield Mokotów work?

With the environment in mind and for the convenience of our customers who drive electric cars, we have set up 2 charging stations. Two cars can be connected to each station concurrently, at 22 kW charging power per car. The duration of a charging session depends on how much energy there is left in the battery and the capacity of the car’s on-board charger, e.g. a car with a 6.6 kW on-board charger will charge more than 6 kWh of the battery’s capacity within one hour.

How much car range can be charged during an hour's shopping?

Consider the charging of two of the most popular electric cars in Europe, the Renault Zoe and the Tesla Model 3. For these cars, a one-hour-long shopping visit will be enough to charge around 22 kWh, which translates into around 150 km of charged range.

Also, please remember that the charging efficiency slows down dramatically after the battery has reached the level of 80% full due to the protection of the battery

User manual:
1. Check charger status (green LED - charger available, blue LED - charging in progress, red LED - charger not available)
2. Connect the car to the charger with the cable
3. Find the charging station you are using and the charger in Revnet, select the port and start charging by clicking "charge"
4. Check the charging status in the app
5. To finish charging, press the "Finish" button in the app
6. Disconnect the charging cable and leave the parking space

The charging service price list and additional information can be found on the website: