Westfield Mokotów is among the sites photographed as part of Google Maps' Special Collects programme. Thanks to the Street View service, it is also possible to visit the mall virtually, which allows the centre’s customers to get a better idea of its interior.

The virtual tour photographs at Westfield Mokotów were created thanks to the unique technology used by Google. The interiors were photographed using a Google Trolley equipped with a camera, a computer, a GPS, a laser rangefinder and other equipment. Thanks to the photographs, Westfield Mokotów is much more visible in Google Maps and provides its visitors with a navigation tool to help them plan their visit. Street View makes it easier to navigate around the facility and find the showrooms of the various brands available at Westfield Mokotów.

Street View is a popular feature of Google Maps, allowing selected locations to be displayed using 360-degree panoramic images. It debuted in May 2007, showing five American cities, and by the end of 2009 it already featured images from the most remote corners of the world. Initially, the images were taken by cameras mounted on cars, but over time other vehicles were introduced, such as bicycles, scooters, Trolleys and a special backpack worn by the operator.

In Poland, the Street View service has been available since 2012. A year later, the Google Maps Business Photographs programme appeared, thanks to which the interiors of selected restaurants or commercial facilities can be viewed. The Special Collects programme is an important part of Street View, designed as virtual gateway to the world.