HARIBO's colorful sweets have accompanied generations of people for more than a century. Hans Riegel senior founded the company in Bonn on December 13, 1920 - today it is the world market leader in the fruit gum and licorice segment.

Since then, HARIBO, an acronym for HAns RIegel BOnn, has stood for childlike happiness, variety and snacking moments for young and old. The fruit gum product “Tanzbär” created by Hans Riegel in 1922 is now the cult figure of HARIBO and is world-famous as the Goldbear. 200 million Goldbears alone are produced worldwide every day.

In addition to the iconic Goldbear, HARIBO offers a wide variety of national and international products in the HARIBO Store in Hamburg: sweet, sour, vegetarian, tropical or salty - every taste is catered for at HARIBO. Liquorice, marshmallow and foam sugar treats as well as the chewy candy classic MAOAM can also be found in the shop.

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