Immerse yourself in our exciting underwater world: With more than 2 million liters of water and over 5,000 marine life, the largest SEA LIFE aquarium in Germany awaits you in Oberhausen.
Experience seahorses, jellyfish, sharks, rays and many other fascinating animals. More than just a HAIlight: you will be strolling through the 1.5 million-liter water basin of the acrylic glass tunnel and experience a colorful marine life. In the 148 square meter shallow water pool of the Haiaufzucht you can discover the youngest offspring of the black-tip reef sharks, cat sharks, rays and other sea-dwellers. In the underwater dome they swim alongside and above you through the pool.
Since January 2017, visitors to the shelter playfully learn about the importance of maintaining the oceans and how easy it is to contribute to the protection of the sea.
In the new theme world "Adventure Turtle" you will get to know bizarre and equally wonderful turtle species and their respective habitats from April 2017 onwards. Over 200 million years of evolution have created a fascinating diversity. Discover how long the neck of the snake turtle or how strong the jaw of the snapping turtle is - everyone is amazed.
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