Last updated on 1 June 2016 [Raffle GTP]



1. Scope

(1) These General Terms of Participation shall be applicable to the participation in the raffles organized by mfi Immobilien Marketing GmbH, unless otherwise stipulated in the respective raffle and its description.

(2) The version of these General Terms of Participation that is applicable at the time of participation shall prevail. If special terms of participation have been established for individual raffles, these shall be applicable in addition. Via their participation in the raffle, the participants shall acknowledge these Terms of Participation and the deadlines stipulated for each individual raffle.


2. Participation

(1) Any natural person of legal age shall qualify for participation. Minors and individuals with limited contractual capability shall qualify for participation with their legal representatives’ consent. Employees of mfi Immobilien Marketing GmbH and its affiliated companies (pursuant to Arts. 15 et seq. AktG [German Stock Corporation Act]), employees of the companies commissioned with executing the raffle, and relatives of the employees of the aforementioned companies shall be excluded from participation.

(2) Participation shall only be admissible once per raffle and only on the participants’ own behalf. Prizes shall not be transferable, unless mfi Immobilien Marketing GmbH and its affiliated companies (pursuant to Arts. 15 et seq. AktG) have consented to such transfer.

(3) In order to participate in a raffle, participants must register on our raffle portal and answer the question. Participation shall be limited to the time period indicated in the application. Any entries submitted after the time period has closed shall not be included in the draw. Participation in the raffle via mail shall not be possible.


3. Prize / Notification and Handover

(1) The prize of each raffle shall be indicated in the respective application.

(2) The winner(s) shall be drawn at random from all participants after the deadline. If the raffle involves a task, such as answering a question, only those participants shall be included in the draw whose answers were correct.

(3) The winner(s) shall be notified via e-mail shortly after the draw.

(4) The prize cannot be paid out in cash. The prize must be collected at the mfi Immobilien Marketing GmbH shopping center organizing the raffle. Winners must identify themselves.

(5) The prize may not be gifted, sold, or otherwise transferred. The winners shall acknowledge this via their signature upon collection of the prize.

(6) Should the winner fail to contact the organizer within seven days after notification, the organizer shall be entitled to carry out a second draw in line with the provisions of sections 1 and 2.


4. Data Protection

(1) Participation in the raffle requires registration and the indication of personal data, such as name, address, and contact details. Participants shall confirm that their personal data is true and correct.

(2) The organizers strive to safeguard optimum data protection and shall adhere to the legal requirements of the Federal Data Protection Act, the German Telemedia Act, and the General Data Protection Regulation.

(3) The organizer hereby points out that personal data shall not be transferred or otherwise submitted to third parties without the participants’ prior consent or only under relevant legal permissions. Should the organizer use third-party service providers to carry out the raffle, such service providers will be committed to data secrecy and bound to German data protection laws as well as the General Data Protection Regulation under particular contractual regulations (order data processing).

(4) The organizer shall only save personal data pertaining to participants for the purpose of the respective raffle. Upon termination of the raffle, the personal data will be deleted, unless participants have consented to receiving newsletters or advertising.

(5) Participants agree to their names being published in the organizer's advertising media if they win a prize. This includes publication of the winner's name on the organizer's website and its social media accounts. Please note that participants can object to the publication of their data at any time with future effect. Objections must be addressed in writing to the data controller / raffle organizer named below. After withdrawal of consent, the participant’s personal data shall be deleted immediately.

(6) Please note the data protection regulations pertaining to this raffle, which contain further information and regulations, in particular, with regard to your rights.


5. Exclusion

(1) We reserve the right to exclude participants from the raffle without indication of reasons.

(2) Exclusions shall be justified if:
1. participants have made untrue statements about their person;
2. participants have violated the rules of these terms, in particular, by attempted multiple participation in the raffle via bogus accounts; or
3. participants have attempted to use fraudulent technical means to manipulate the raffle outcome.

(3) We reserve the right to disqualify participants for justified reasons, e.g., suspected manipulation or violation of the terms of participation. The terms of participation shall not constitute any claim to participate in the raffle or win a prize.


6. Modifications

(1) The organizer expressly reserves the right to modify, limit, or completely cancel the raffle, without prior notice and without indication of reasons, at any time. The organizer shall, in particular, make use of this right if the appropriate execution of the raffle cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons.

(2) Should the modification or early termination be caused by participant actions, the organizer reserves the right to claim compensation.

(3) The raffle might not be available at times, in particular, for technical reasons or maintenance work. This shall not give rise to claims on the part of participants vis-à-vis the organizer of the raffle.

(4) The organizer reserves the right to modify and/or amend the terms of participation and execution at the time and without prior notice. Any supplements and ancillary agreements with regard to the handling of prizes must be in writing to be effective.


7. Facebook Disclaimer

This raffle is in no way connected to Facebook or similar platforms and is in no way sponsored, supported, or organized by Facebook or similar platforms.


8. Applicable Law

The organizer's raffle shall exclusively be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. All decisions shall be final.


9. Severability Clause

Should one of the provisions of these Terms of Participation be or become ineffective, in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining Terms of Participation shall remain unaffected. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by an effective and enforceable provision that comes closest to the intent of the original provision. The aforementioned provisions shall apply accordingly to any gaps in the provisions.


10. Copyright

mfi Immobilien Marketing GmbH