A “Double Outstanding” BREEAM certified shopping centre (the highest rating according to the audit) 

In accordance with the Unibail-Rodamco sustainable development policy, all of the Polygone Riviera infrastructures incorporate a high level of technology, meeting strict environmental standards and minimising the impact on the environment. 

Polygone Riviera holds the BREEAM environmental certification that recognises the centre’s environmental commitment.

The centre’s objective is thereby clearly stated: to incorporate a stringent logic that reduces its energy consumption, streamlines the use of its natural resources and revalorises its waste in order to optimise its ecological impact. 

Among the key features that help to secure this outcome it should be emphasised that: 

- Any brand establishing itself at Polygone Riviera is obliged to sign a “green lease”, a commitment to respecting the standards that have been put into place.

- Polygone Riviera sorts and recycles waste and restricts the refuse sent to landfills. There are a number of different selective sorting bins available to the retailers: cardboard, paper, plastics, glass, crates, hangers, bio-waste and ordinary industrial waste.

A selective collecting space is established in Hall 4.

- Polygone Riviera is committed to water conservation and guarantees the management and optimisation of the consumption of this precious resource by way of monthly readings. Toilet facilities are equipped with auto-sensing flushing systems in order to optimise water consumption.

- Polygone Riviera ensures its energy waste commitment by way of regular monitoring. In addition to the abundant natural light, the lighting system is programmed in accordance with the centre’s opening hours.


Some figures for 2018:
- 271,000 tonnes of recycled cardboard
- 1,270 tonnes of recycled plastic film
- 15,000 tonnes of recycled glass
- 15,000 tonnes of recycled wood