What are Notifications ?

Notifications are alert style messages that slide in at the top or bottom right hand corner of a desktop screen when you are online.

fr.westfield.com/lapartdieu wants to send you notifications to keep you informed about the latest news, offers and services of your shopping center.

Notifications are available on the following browsers :  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari.


How do I opt-in

We will send you notifications only with your prior consent.

To give us your consent you have to click on the “Yes” button on this opt-in pop-up :


We will record your consent for 13 months from collection, unless you withdraw it before (see below – opt-out).


How do I opt-out

If you do not want to receive the web push any more, you can :

  • Click on the icon on your address bar
  • Go to ‘site setting”
  • Select “Block” for the “notifications” settings or reset setting (this will allow us to ask you again if you want to receive notification).

For any additional information, you can contact us at data.protection@urw.com