‘Outdoor instead of car’ - how dogs keep a cool head even on the hottest days

In the ‘Dog Zone’ ‘, an initiative of Tierschutz Austria and Westfield Shopping City Süd, your four-legged friend can stay cool through the summer, even on dog days.

While shopping centres are cooled down to pleasant temperatures on hot summer days, the interior of a vehicle heats up to a veritable oven from an outside temperature of 20 degrees. For this very reason, it is an absolute no-go to leave your dog in the car, especially on warm summer days. However, as taking your four-legged friend with you when shopping usually means enormous stress for the animal, the Vienna Animal Welfare Association (Tierschutz Austria) is once again launching the ‘Dog Zone - Outdoor instead of Car’ initiative in cooperation with Westfield Shopping City Süd. This year, for the fourth year in a row, the campaign will be offered to loving dog owners in July and August. While masters and mistresses go on a shopping spree in the SCS, their four-legged friends can enjoy the following offer on the grounds of the Vösendorf Animal Welfare Centre, which is just a three-minute drive from the SCS: 

  • a fenced, private dog run with a shady shelter, protected from view, as an alternative to the ‘car trap’
  • Cooling facilities (private dog pool, sprinkler system)
  • toys to keep you occupied
  • Fresh water and welcome treats
  • for senior dogs or dogs that are particularly sensitive to heat: Accommodation in a cool indoor dog house

This makes even the longest shopping trip a pleasure for two and four-legged friends - even on hot days.

‘As Austria's largest shopping centre, we not only care about the well-being of our visitors, but also that of their four-legged friends. We are therefore delighted that we are now implementing the ‘Dog Zone - Outdoor instead of Car’ campaign in cooperation with Tierschutz Austria for the fourth year in a row and that many visitors are taking advantage of the offer,’ says Melanie Fraiss, Deputy Centre Manager of Westfield Shopping City Süd.

The ‘Dog Zone’ of Tierschutz Austria in cooperation with the SCS can be booked throughout July and August 2022 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 via the hotline for advance booking.

Hotline: 01/699 24 50

Prices & conditions can be found at www.tierschutz-austria.at The total proceeds of the initiative will benefit the protégés of Tierschutz Austria.

Organisation info:
Tierschutz Austria (© Wiener Tierschutzverein) is the oldest and largest animal welfare organisation in Austria. In terms of the variety of animals cared for, Tierschutz Austria is also the largest animal welfare organisation in Europe and operates the third largest animal shelter on the continent (in terms of area). Since 1846, Tierschutz Austria has been striving for a world in which animals are recognised as sentient beings and is committed to the right to life of all animals as well as the protection and preservation of their habitats and rights. The Animal Welfare Centre in Vösendorf offers modern and animal-friendly care for pets, farm animals and wild animals that have been abandoned or are in need. As a contact point for those seeking help, the centre's competent staff are on hand to provide assistance to animals in need and care for over 4,000 animals every year.