Westfield Cares
Westfield Cares


Through the depths of worldwide pandemic only the human spirit will carry us forward.

To ignite a movement of togetherness among our communities, we are working across the country through our #WestfieldCares initiative - a program dedicated to reaching out and giving back to those most vulnerable to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic—as well as encouraging others to do the same.

By fostering a sense of purpose, we can all come together to create positive change during this crisis.

Westfield team members in every community we operate in are making donations to, and working hand-in-hand with, more than 100 charitable organizations in this effort with an urgent focus on supporting individuals and families most impacted by COVID-19; including the economically disadvantaged,  those experiencing homelessness, children, seniors and veterans.  

We are also engaging to thank our first responders and medical professionals who are putting themselves in harm’s way each day with donations, food deliveries and other acts of support.  We are humbled by their sacrifices and inspired to serve our communities by their actions. 

Everyone in our communities can also get involved by sharing your own “connected moments” with your family, friends, pets, and communities to your social channels using #WestfieldCares. Click below for inspiration.


To read more about our global response to the crisis, including additional information on #WestfieldCares in the U.S., please visit https://www.urw.com/COVID19. For charitable organizations interested in partnering on #WestfieldCares, please reach out to westfieldcares@urw.com