Coming Soon
Rabbit Rabbit Cream

Rabbit Rabbit Cream, our newest expansion from our boba tea store, is here to bring you a range of soft serves, parfaits, floats, and even savory snacks! We offer a variety of ice cream flavors, based from our milk teas, and we are introducing new toppings to the mix, making for the perfect, aesthetic dessert. We will continue to serve our creamy milk teas, fruit drinks, and matcha lattes, in addition to a new series of pastry to satisfy any of your cravings — a “one of a kind” beverage experience. As you step into our tea-centric soft serve shop, you will be greeted with a vibrant ambiance and meet our most skilled baristas, who put the utmost care in serving the freshest ingredients. If you’ve ever had the desire to combine boba with ice cream, or you’re looking for something sweet and savory, Rabbit Rabbit Cream is the place to be — the best of both worlds!