Beauty (Re)Purposed at Sephora

from January 1 to December 31
from January 1 to December 31

Give your finished beauty products a second life at a Sephora. 


The beauty and wellness industries produce 120 billion packages every year, most of which aren’t accepted in curbside recycling programs. 


And that’s 120 billion reasons why Sephora created their Beauty (Re)Purposed program with Pact Collective. Pop into Sephora to drop off those empties (instead of throwing them away) and join us in doing better for the planet. 


How It Works

  1. Clean out your empties. After you squeeze out every last drop, be sure to clean out any leftover product or residue.
  2. Visit any Sephora store and discard your unbagged empties in the Pact bin (hint: it’s usually near checkout).
  3. Feel good! Be sure to stock up on new beauty or repurchase old favorites while helping to create less waste.

Together we can take a big step forward in making beauty packaging more sustainable and better for our planet.

Check out the Pact website for more details on exactly what you can drop off, what happens with your empties after drop-off, and more!

Beauty (Re)Purposed  at SephoraBeauty (Re)Purposed  at Sephora