Ramen King Keisuke
Ramen King Keisuke

Helmed by the Ramen Champion of Tokyo, Chef Keisuke Takeda, Ramen King Keisuke showcases his award-winning Tonkotsu Broth Ramen. The secret is the bone broth, which is boiled for over 10 hours to ensure that the flavors are fully absorbed and melded together in the dish, resulting in a luscious, silky-smooth bowl of the most satisfying ramen soup. Japanese-born chef Keisuke Takeda opened his first ramen restaurant Kuro Miso Ramen in 2005 and has since opened nearly two dozen restaurants around Singapore and Japan. In 2011, he won the title of Ramen Champion at the Tokyo Ramen Championships. A must-try is the lobster broth ramen that’s unique to the Southern California region.

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