MC2 Saint Barth
MC2 Saint Barth

MC2 Saint Barth was born in 2000 directly from gorgeous Caribbean sea colors, white sand and the shells of St. Barth Island. Driven by previous experiences in the textile industry, two young entrepreneurs got their inspiration from the island atmosphere to capture that taste of elegance and refinement that creates the base for a new beachwear collection for the entire family.MC2 Saint Barth with its perfect fit, shining colors and great textiles wears a man who loves to be smart and trendy while spending days lounging in the sun. Its lightweight, quick-drying quality fabrics give a modern twist to effortless summer dressing. The brand has also all kinds of bikinis, cover-ups and accessories to let a woman’s imagination go away giving her freedom with its perfect shape, materials and love for the colors. Moreover, MC2 Saint Barth stands out for the sleek but fun beach idea, giving space to the little ones thanks to its huge family collection.

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