L.A. Love & Leashes Shelter Adoption Shop
L.A. Love & Leashes Shelter Adoption Shop

  Discover L.A. Love & Leashes, the only non-profit-run Shelter Spot and dedicated to finding homes for dogs and cats still living in L.A.’s city shelters! Created by the non-profit Friends of L.A. Animal Shelters, L.A. Love & Leashes started as a way to showcase shelter pets in a more welcoming, serene setting than the typical local shelter offers. The animals are more engaged and less anxious, and potential adopters have an easier time connecting with the individual dogs and cats. The fundamental focus of L.A. Love & Leashes is to help our city shelters save more lives by reaching large numbers of people who might not otherwise visit our shelters, thereby increasing the number of animals adopted. Discover their adoption shop location on Level 2 next to Healthy Spot.

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