Batch & Box
Batch & Box

Batch & Box knows the power of a good cookie. When they bake delicious treats, putting their entire heart and soul into it, there is a universal connection that surpasses cultures, generations, and languages. It is a gesture of gratitude, love, and kindness that says a myriad of things: I care about you! I appreciate you! I love you! Thank you! I am proud of you! I celebrate you!Batch & Box is all about tasting moments and making memories. Batch & Box creates moments where people feel seen and cared for so that they can help create ripples of kindness in the world. They spread joy through their warm, gooey cookies that feel like a soul-satisfying hug. Their delectable treats are handmade every day to make your day, using only the best ethically-sourced, sustainable ingredients. Batch & Box puts their heart and soul into these cookies, knowing you can taste the difference.

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