Artist Laura Nevill acts as “Curator in Residence", bringing a showcase of emerging artistic talent to our visitors this summer

Westfield centres are backing a campaign by artist Laura Nevill entitled #LetsDoLondonBetter, which aims to raise profiles for local artists and generate support across the UK for creative communities to flourish and to support the arts industry this summer. Throughout the summer, visitors to Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City will be able to view a host of artworks from over 30 emerging artists through a mixed digital and physical exhibition of works.

You'll see all the amazing artwork across digital screens in the centres, thanks to a media donation from Westfield and Ocean Outdoor, plus keep a look out for physical stores, exhibition spaces and further support on social media.

The campaign kicks off with 36 artists who have been selected by Laura to exhibit at Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City. Find out more about each artist & their work below.

Laura Nevill - I Did Nothing


Laura Nevill is an artist and designer who creates beautiful pieces of art that bring decorative charm and a little bit of magic to character-filled homes.
Joy-Louise Waterman - You're Amazing


Joy-Louise Waterman is a London based illustrator from Newcastle Upon Tyne creating intricate bohemian and nature inspired artwork, with the aim of uplifting and bringing a smile to others.
Charlotte Meddings - Flower Serpent


Charlotte Meddings is a South London based Illustrator, founder of Womxn Illustrators and an ambassador for Uniball pens. Charlotte works in pen & ink and digital drawing.
Tim Easley - Wavy Hello


Award winning London based illustrator, designer & photographer Tim Easley is best known for his bright palette & bold lines, imaginatively fusing playful characters & hand drawn lettering.
Zoe Jackson Illustration - Thank You To Our NHS


Zoe Jackson is an illustrator working from her studio in sunny East Sussex. Her work explores the human form and it’s place in nature along with themes of mindfulness and body positivity
Lauren Marina - Brighter Days Are Coming


Lauren Marina is an illustrator, print, and pattern designer. In her world, the leaves are wobbly, the birds are swoopy and gentleness is key.
Flatboy - Hands On Hearts


Seren Thomas (they/them) created Flatboy at the beginning of the pandemic. One day while they were doodling away in yet another Zoom meeting, the style began to just fall out of them.
Flora Laney-Hubbard - New Days Ahead


As a queer artist, Flora's work is designed to speak to all kinds of people. Originally from Devon, Flora has lived in London for five years and is currently studying for a masters while working as a freelance illustrator.
Palmyre Manivet - Swimmer (Breathe)


Palmyre Manivet is a multidisciplinary artist based in London. Her art expresses her appreciation for vibrant city life balanced with peaceful moments of quiet mindfulness.
Jordan Robertson - 408< Days Later


Jordan Robertson is a full-time professional illustrator, who enjoys capturing short-lived moments, playing with texture, colour and form.
Eleanor Spanton


Eleanor Spanton is an artist and designer based in Essex. Her work often focuses on the natural world, and the connections between us, our bodies and our surroundings. Anatomy studies and portraits are some of her favourite subjects, whether people, plants or animals!
Kate Carter Art - A Good Influence


Since permanently moving home to London in 2018, has delved back into her art. Although usually an acrylic painter, at the beginning of 2020 Kate started experimenting with digital painting. During the first lockdown, this evolved into a collection of portraits celebrating the strength, versatility, humour and power reflected in some of the influential women Kate loves to follow on Instagram.
Mary Claire Kirwan - Smile


Irish born abstract artist Mary Claire Kirwan paints and creates from her floating house boat studio on the river Thames in central London. MC has stated that achieving moments of happiness mentally and physically is the biggest success in life. This is a journey that is ongoing for every human in a turbulent world and MC hopes when a viewer sees, touches or explores hrt work, they will be struck by momentary joy.
Kirsten McNee - It's OK


Kirsten McNee is the illustrator & designer behind stationery & homewares brand Fawn & Thistle. Based in Kent, everything is designed and made in the UK, with a focus on positivity and sustainability.
Layla Holzer - Brighter Days Are On Their Way


Layla Holzer is an Essex-born, South Wales-based freelance Illustrator and who specialises in narrative-led illustration, print and stationery design inspired by folklore and nature. Layla loves working with symbolism and tropes of the wild feminine and folk art and a neon pink and rich blue palette.
The Faff Store - Hope


The Faff Store is run by Amara, a content creator by day and a DIY-er by night, who loves life in technicolour, nature and like-minded people. The Faff Store is a collection of meaningful art prints designed with utmost love as an ode to human emotions and life in general all fuelled by midnight creative juices. It is an exciting concoction of fun and friendship.
Arnelle Woker - Stronger Together


Arnelle Woker is an illustrator in London who believes the world will always be better off for a great repeat pattern. If her work was a party then everyone would be welcome. There’d be people of every glorious colour, shape and size, talking, laughing and just trying to make sense of the world together.
Oof Designs - London Calling


OOF Designs is tun by Fran Bennell, a graphic designer living and working in London. OOF Designs aims to bring a smile to people’s faces, using humour, bold lines and punchy bright colours. Fran is hugely inspired by all the amazing artists there are in London and aims to continue to grow OOF Designs and for all the fun and opportunity it will bring.
Rachael Presky - Post Pandemic Party


Rachael Presky is a freelance illustrator and public speaker from the UK. She specialises in digital illustration, with a figurative, contemporary style. Being inspired by her everyday life, Rachael loves creating illustrations of largely familiar scenes with an elusive feel.
Alana McDowell - Love Is Louder


Alana McDowell is an Irish born illustrator and multi-disciplinary designer. With a keen interest in pop-culture and current affairs, Alana likes to utilise her freehand drawing skills to add a rebellious edge to projects and prints.
Xavier Segers - A Peace Of Green


Xavier Segers is a Belgian illustrator based in London. His work is heavily inspired by his love for nature, surrealism and his mixed South-Korean heritage. His artwork invokes wonder through his intricate and playful style.
Melissa North - London Spectacular


Melissa North is a London based illustrator and screenprinter creating vibrant artworks with a silk-screen print aesthetic. Influenced by analogue processes, Melissa collages together photographs and drawings to create illustrations that have a tactile quality.
Laurie Lee Studio - Daily Reminders


Laurie Lee is the Hackney based artist with a passion for pink & red and loud slogans. Her art, fashion and interiors brand was born out of a hatred of beige and a love for bold design. Celebrating maximalism through her immediately identifiable designs, Laurie explores themes of feminism, self worth and pop culture - creating truly unique pieces designed for those who love to make a statement.
Nat Cook - You Got This


Visual artist and designer Nat Cook works with bold graphic and abstract shapes often formed with paper cut and collages. Being half Brazilian she often explores the themes of home and belonging with bright colours that reflect her heritage. She tries to carry the mantra of citizen first and designer second through her work.
Pigeon Pals - Radiate Positivity


Maddie Pascale Smith is a London based illustrator, designer and entrepreneur. Her love for pigeons and the personalities that come with them resulted in the origination of Pigeon Pals, creating bold and quirky visual stories of her pigeon characters.
Draw My Town - My LDN


Draw My Town is the catchy name of Ben Poultney, a Midlands raised, London based illustrator and cartoonist specialising in fun, interactive artwork, personalised with YOU and your loved ones drawn into you very own piece of art. All pieces are digitally hand-drawn and include many local references including recognisable businesses, local celebrities & countless historical nods to keep you seeing new things every time you look.
Shammi Ruprah - Amalfi II


A 20-something British Indian creating calm and serenity through her paint brush, alongside working as a legal professional in the city.
Minus Cloud Nine - I'm So Glad You Exist


Minus Cloud Nine is a community driven project based on running events, sustainable clothing & illustrations in aid of mental health awareness and starting those difficult conversations. Founder Charlotte Robinson found herself struggling with her mental health after caring for someone else struggling with their mental health, and started the ‘cloud head’ illustrations while finishing her university degree.
Stephanie Jade Howe - Empowered Women Empower Women


Stephanie Jade Howe is an illustrator, animator and multidisciplinary designer based in Greater London. Her creative practice is focused around telling stories through bold colours, textures, typography, and subtle visual metaphors, which are inspired by everyday life, nature, pop culture, film and TV and heavily influenced by the aesthetics of the 60s & 70s, and the alternative music scene.
Emmy Lupin Studio - Hugs, Finally.


Emmy is a London based illustrator working under the moniker Emmy Lupin Studio. Her work is inspired by looking at life through a female lens; reflecting on society, culture and friendship. Her illustrations aim to be empowering and positive - full of bold colour, decorative patterns and hand drawn type.
Emm | Courage + Curiosity - More Hugs Less Shoulds


Emm is a multi-passionate creative living in Derbyshire, fuelled by natural curiosity, meaning-seeking and a good old-fashioned cup of Yorkshire Tea. Now a purveyor of ideas, words & art, her natural habitat is navigating thoughts and nurturing ideas. Passionate about exploring mental health through creativity, Emm’s mission is to inspire & empower other gentle dreamers to be creatively braver.
Ryan Nevill - The Garden


Ryan Nevill is a Graphic Designer from the South West of the UK. He enjoys working across a variety of mediums, experimenting with new ideas and styles to create interesting and exciting new compositions.
Shahina Jaffer - Hope 21


Shahina Jaffer is a St Martin’s School of Art graduate with an impressive catalogue of work behind her. Her artistic output pivots primarily on perception; using paint, water and the weather as conductive energy, her practice focuses on the exploration of movement. Her work combines emotional intuition and empirical observation to encourage and investigate the encounter between artist and observer.
Ashton Attzs


Ashton Attzs is a 21 year old queer, black, non-binary London based-artist. Their paintings and illustrations empower the everyday person. From the dreamy blues, to the cotton-candy pinks-popping against their charmingly distinctive and diverse animated characters: their work is bold, joyful and unapologetic both in style and message.
Catharina Luisa Maschke - Covent Garden By Lu


Lu is a senior creative with over 15 years of experience in international branding projects. Her love for walking around London has led to her London illustration series with the input from many locals and former locals.
OMG Kitty - The Sun Is Rising Again


OMG Kitty is an illustration studio created by Birmingham based artist and designer, Kitty Bardsley. Her designs are wide-ranging but united by being packed with feel-good colour schemes, uplifting messaging and beautiful illustrations with a retro feel. Kitty reworked one of her most popular artworks, The Sun Will Rise, for this design as the messaging worked perfectly for the lifting of lockdown and bringing London back to life!