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We are the first CHANEL Fragrance & Beauty Boutique in Poland. It is dedicated to fragrances as well as make-up and skincare products The unique design of the boutique builds on and further develops the codes and aesthetics of CHANEL. This shop takes CHANEL Beauty to a new dimension, creating a unique bond between the Fashion House and its customers and sharing everything that makes the CHANEL brand so special. Our CHANEL consultants are on hand to translate the CHANEL Beauty vision into casual or special occasion make-ups, and to identify your individual skincare needs. The boutique offers a wide range of fragrances, from the legendary N°5 to the latest products by the brand's creator, Olivier Polge: GABRIELLE CHANEL and LES EAUX DE CHANEL. We also recommend Les EXCLUSIFS de CHANEL, a collection of sixteen fragrances in identical flacons, with each composition telling a different story. In the boutique's eyewear area we offer the full collection of CHANEL sunglasses, with the House of Fashion's classic themes: pearls, tweed and woven rope chains.

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