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The BYTOM brand presents a new image campaign under the slogan The Woven Stories. Designed as a tribute to art, culture, and history, the inspiration and the leitmotif of the campaign is the craft world of weaving – the Wawel tapestries, intertwining with the world of craftsmanship of the BYTOM brand.

The styles reflect the delicate enveloping nature of the clothes from the fall-winter collection. They are a fusion of classic canons, vintage styles and modern trends. The monochrome colors and the multitude of styles and textures are emphasized by the creative lightning of the pictures. Although the color palette is based on subdued tones, there are also a few stronger accents. Assembled products balance the nuances in textures, structures and weaves.

The nature of the photos builds a visual narrative situated between painting and photography - with static and balanced frames. Photographs and films are aesthetically consistent and their visual language is based on the nature of lightning and the way of framing. Both moving and static images correspond to each other, creating a common, subtle narrative and a uniform atmosphere. The campaign was created inside the Vavel Royal Castle. The photographs and film are the quintessence of the aesthetic characteristics of work by Weronika Izdebska / Visual Crafters, the creator of the pictures.

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