Westfield Arkadia provides you with a total of 18 electric car charging stations. All customers arriving in electric vehicles can use this service in the dedicated parking spaces on level -1 (in parking zone A11) and on level -2 (in zone E9, at the entrance to Wisła walkway).

For the convenience of our customers who arrive at Westfield Arkadia in electric cars, parking spaces have been made available that are equipped with special charging stations to recharge the batteries. These stations are compatible with the Revnet app which makes it is easy to check the availability of the charging stations and monitor the charging session. Customers can enjoy our retail, services, entertainment, and catering offer while their car is being charged.

How do the charging stations at Westfield Arkadia work?

To help protect the environment and ensure charging of e-vehicles for our customers, we provide 5 charging stations with dedicated chargers. Each station can accommodate two cars at the same time, with a power output of 22 kW per each car. The duration of a charging session depends on how full the vehicle’s battery is prior to charging, and on the power of the car’s on-board charger. For example, a car with a 6.6 kW on-board charger will charge more than 6 kWh of power within one hour. How much range can be charged when you are away shopping for one hour?

Let us consider the charging of two most popular electric cars in Europe, Renault Zoe and Tesla Model 3. For these cars, one hour of shopping will facilitate a battery top-up of around 22 kWh, which translates into around 150 km of charged range.

Please note that the charging time slows down dramatically over 80% of the battery’s capacity to ensure the protection of the battery.

User manual:

1. Please check the status of the charger (green LED – charger available, blue LED – charging in progress, red LED – charger not available).
2. Please connect the car to the charger with the cable.
3. In Revnet, please find the charger you are using, select the port and start charging by clicking "charge".
4. The charging status can be checked in the app.
5. To terminate charging, please press the "end" button in the app.
6. Please disconnect the charging cable and leave the parking space.

We look forward to shopping with you and wish you a good journey!