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A tasteful decor, authentic, colourful and creative cuisine, fresh and healthy produce: this is Pitaya's recipe for an incredible Thai immersion for the duration of a meal.

At Pitaya, you'll rediscover the spirit of the streets of Bangkok, the smells emanating from the traditional street food stalls, the colours of the fresh produce, the precise gestures of the chefs, and the effervescence of Thailand.

It all happens before your very eyes and nose. It's as if you were there... Authentic Thai cuisine has a strong identity. Harmoniously flavoured, the balance of flavours is always just right.

For example, the roasted peanut notes of the famous Pad Thai are counterbalanced by a tart lime and salty soy sauce to give it character.

Fresh, crunchy vegetables are also used in all the recipes, adding a freshness and pep to each dish.There's a high standard in Thai street food, which starts with a love of good produce, skilfully worked and combined.

Tradition and creativity go hand in hand at Pitaya.

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