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Come to Starbucks for a delicious refreshing break Since Starbucks first opened in Seattle in 1971, it has expanded widely, both in the United States and in many countries throughout the world. Starbucks now has more than 15 000 coffee shops, in 50 different countries. Starbucks coffee shops, including the one at Aéroville shopping centre, are ideal for a quick break and the perfect stopping-off point between home and work. The ideal place to to meet people and sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee and a snack or stop for a lunch break with friends or even come and work on your computer while you tuck into a delicious breakfast. Whatever the time of day, you’ll always find Starbucks a convivial place to chill out. Starbucks – Aéroville: treat yourself to a delicious coffee and a snack! Enjoy the huge range of products available at Starbucks at Aéroville shopping centre and sit down to a delicious coffee. At any time of the day, why not try one of our delicious pastries including carrot cake and cheesecake? Don’t miss our speciality breads either – check out our quintessentially American cinnamon rolls. Muffins, cookies and doughnuts – everything you need to try something new every day. From a great lunch, Starbucks has a range of hot and cold sandwiches, savoury muffins and much more besides. In the summer, check out our iced fruit beverages and iced coffees.

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