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You have questions. We have answers. We also have an email address where you can send your questions to at hortonplaza@westfield.com.


Q: Is there a downtown bus tour?

A: Yes, the Old Town Trolley Tour kiosk is located on Broadway Circle, near Citibank. You can purchase tour tickets at the kiosk located on Broadway Circuit adjacent to the Lyceum Theater.

Q: Where can I purchase a Go-Card?

A: Arts Tix, located on Broadway Circle near Citibank, sells Go-Cards.

Q: Is there a travel agency on property?

A: There is no travel agency located at Westfield Horton Plaza.

Parking (Managed by Ace Parking)

Q: Where are the entrances to the Parking Garage Located? 

A: There are three entrances: 4th and F Street, 3rd and G Street and 2nd & G Street.

Parking validation for three FREE hours of parking is available inside the mall Mondays through Sundays from 9:30am to 9:00pm.
Validation must be made in center at a designated validation booth (Locations below). *Please note the FREE validation period expires at 9:00pm.

Validation Locations:
Mall Level 1: Opposite Ben Bridge
Mall Level 1: Opposite Bert Levi Family Jeweler (Parking Structure Level 4)
Mall Level 2: Opposite Sweet Factory (Parking Structure Level 5)
Mall Level 3: Outside Macy’s
Mall Level 3: Game Deck Opposite GAP
Mall Level 4: Food Court Opposite Steak Escape (Parking Structure Level 7)

Parking rates:
$8 per hour or $2 for every 15-minute increment (or a fraction thereof), Daily Maximum $30

Early Morning Rates:
30 minutes Free. Enter after 4:30am and exit before 9.30am and you will receive 30 minutes of free parking only. (No validation needed to receive the 30 minutes free parking.) Time starts when you enter the garage.

The evening flat rate is $20, Enter after 9.00pm and exit before 4.30am daily.

Our parking garage is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers who spend $300 or more the same day of their visit may visit the Westfield Horton Plaza Management Office during their business hours and receive all-day parking validation.
Customers must present same-day receipts. One validation per customer. 

Q: Where is the best parking for Nordstorm's? 

A: 4 Pineapple or 6 Cherry enter off G Street. *Please note the preferred parking for Jimbos...Naturally!

Q: Where is the best parking for Macy's? 

A: 4 Avocado, 5 Tomato or 6 Onion, enter off 4th and F Street. *Please note the preferred parking for Jimbos...Naturally!

Q: Where is the best parking for the Cinema ? 

A: 7 Corn enter off 4th and F Street.


Q: Where can I find plug adapters?

A: CVS Pharmacy located on Broadway Circle, sells adapters.

Q: Where can I purchase medication and first aid items?

A: CVS Pharmacy, located on Broadway Circle.

Q: Where can I purchase swimwear?

A: Several retailers offer swimwear, but typically on a seasonal basis. Macy’s and Nordstrom almost always sell swimwear. Victoria’s Secret, BCBG, Express, Forever 21, GAP, Guess, and Pac Sun have seasonal swimwear options.
Q: Where can I purchase sunscreen?

A: CVS Pharmacy, located on Broadway Circle, offers a variety of sunscreen. Jimbo's...Naturally! (Organic Grocery), located on the Mezzanine and The Body Shop, located on Level 1, also sells moisturizers with SPF 15 and 30.

Q: Is there a tanning salon?

A: Platinum Tan & Spa is located on the Mezzanine Level across from Jimbo's...Naturally!

Q: Is there a gym?

A: There is a 24 Hour Fitness located on the Street Level near 1st Ave and Jimbo's...Naturally!

Q: Where can I purchase souvenirs?

A: San Diego Trading Co., located on Level 1 and Broadway Circle, CVS Pharmacy, located on Broadway Circle, and A-Mart, located on level 4 have souvenirs available for purchase.

Q: Where can I grab a bite to eat?

A: There is a Food Court, located on Level 4, with several quick dining options. If you are looking for sit-down dining options, you can find Panda Inn, located on Level 5 and Café Nordstrom, located on top level of Nordstrom.

Q: Where can I have breakfast?

A: Starbucks, located on Level 1 and on Broadway Circle, Jamba Juice, located on Broadway Circle, Cinnabon located on Level 4, all have some great breakfast options. Jimbo's...Naturally (Organic Grocery Store offers food to go options along with smoothies and other healthy breakfast options.)

Q: Where can I purchase a pre-paid cell phone?

A: CVS Pharmacy, located on Broadway Circle.

Q: Where can I validate?

A: You can validate your parking pass at one of the 6 validation machines loacated in center.


  • Level 1 - Opposite Ben Bridge Jeweler
  • Level 1 - Opposite Bert Levi Family Jeweler
  • Level 2 - Opposite Sweet Factory
  • Level 3 - Outside Macy's
  • Level 3 - Game Deck Opposite GAP
  • Level 4 - Food Court Opposite Steak Escape


Q: Can I validate when I exit the parking garage?

A: You can only validate in center at one of the 6 validation machines.

Q: What happens if I lose my parking pass?

A: The fee for a lost ticket is $30, the maximum day rate.

Q: How much does parking cost?

A: The parking rates are $2 every 15 minutes with $30 maximum. A special $20 evening flat rate is available Monday through Sunday if you enter after 9:00 pm and exit before 4:30am. 

Q: Can I use an express Pay Station if my ticket is validated?

A: Yes, validation provides 3 hours free and any balance can be paid at an Express Pay Station before returning to your car.

Q: What time does the parking garage open and close?

A: The parking garage is always open. You can enter and exit at any time from the 4th and F Street. Please note the G Street entrance and exit is closed between midnight and 6am each day.  

Q: Where is the best parking for Jimbo's?

A: 4 Pineapple, enter off G Street.   


Q: Where is the nearest trolley stop?

A: The closest trolley stop is at the Civic Center on 3rd and C Street.

Q: How can I get to Westfield Horton Plaza from the trolley stop?

A: You can access the shopping center from 3rd and Broadway, one block south of the Civic Center.

Q: Where is the cab pick up?

A: The cab pick up is located on Broadway Circle near The Levi’s Store.


Q: Where can I exchange currency?

A: Travelex Currency Exchange is located on Level 1 next to Francesca’s Collections.

Q: Is there a Western Union?

A: A Western Union is located inside Travelex Currency Exchange.

Q: Are there ATMs located at the shopping center?

A: You can find several ATMs located throughout the center including:

Chase (Near Macy’s & The Body Shop), Level 1
Chase (Inside CVS), Broadway Circle
Bank of America (Near The Levi’s Store), Broadway Circle
City Bank, Broadway Circle
Mini Bank (Near Macy’s), Level 3
Well Fargo (Near Steak Escape), Level 4
Food Court (Opposite Steak Escape), Level 4
Bank of America (Near Jimbo’s… Naturally! and 24 Hour Fitness), 1st Avenue

Q: Do you have a bank at Westfield Horton Plaza?

A: Yes. Citibank is located on Broadway Circle near The Lyceum Theater.


Q: Are there public telephones at the shopping center?

A: There are public telephones on Level 4 in the Food Court next to Panda Express, Level 4 near Ben and Jerry's and near CVS at Broadway Circle.

Q: Where can I purchase postage and send letters/packages?

A: You can purchase postage and mail packages and letters at the U.S. Post Office, located on Broadway Circle, open Monday-Friday 9:30am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm and closed on Sunday. If you would like to purchase stamps on a Sunday, CVS, located on Broadway Circle, sells stamps.

Q: Are there any grocery stores?

A: Yes, Jimbo’s… Naturally! is an organic grocer located on the Mezzanine level.
Jimbo’s, is known for their incredible selection of local and organic produce, as well as hormone free beef, poultry and pork There is a made from scratch bakery, a refreshing juice bar, a huge selection of local wines and cheeses and a large prepared foods section which offer an appealing option for eat in or take out.