SNAP! by Forge Ahead Arts

SNAP! by Forge Ahead Arts at Westfield Valencia Town Center

Day Date Time
Wednesday Oct 23
Thursday Oct 24

We are bombarded daily with visual stimulus from all directions with the media, advertising, and internet all attempting to persuade, lure, and direct us. Drawn to what is brightly colored, clever, and shiny, human minds can be captured through their own ingenuity. This piece is a plea for critical analysis and deep consideration of what ideas move us to action and what forces influence our beliefs and desires.

FORGE AHEAD ARTS: The mission of Forge Ahead Arts is to build our community by furthering artistic expression, participation, and appreciation for people of all ages. We believe the arts, in all their varied forms, play an integral role in the conversations necessary to the development of strong, healthy communities. Forge Ahead Arts creates and presents art installations and events that stimulate creativity and dialogue in Santa Clarita. 

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