Retrospective: Artist Michele Boyer Sculpture Exhibition

Retrospective: Artist Michele Boyer Sculpture Exhibition at Westfield Valencia Town Center


Artist Michele Boyer Sculpture Exhibition

February 23 - June 21, 2019

Opening Reception Saturday, March 23, 2019 Time: 6-8PM


The City of Santa Clarita and Julie Rico presents “Retrospective” sculptures of marble & bronze exhibition by Los Angeles artist Michele Boyer. The exhibition features abstract sculptures in various marbles that spin upon a touch of a finger on their bases. Bronze figurative sculptures with rich color patinas will also be on display.


Michele Boyer came to Los Angeles as a determined artist in the early 60’s. Born and educated in New York, Michele studied costume design and the theater arts. Michele spent three months a year for 23 years sculpting in Pietrasanta, the sculpture center of Italy, where she rented space in marble-carving studios, bringing her own sculpture tools and buying the marble of her choice. The time she spent there infused a Mediterranean sensibility to the work.


Themes in the work traverse subjects like the family nucleus to aspects of intellectual pursuits. The abstract in nature is presented throughout her collection. Michele also worked in foundries casting bronze from clay models, using the ancient lost wax method. The rest of the year she continued these practices in her own studio in Los Angeles, modeling clay and carving marble in small and large-scale formats.


Before her career in Los Angeles as a sculptor. Michele was a dancer, in prominent shows in Las Vegas. Michele was a showgirl in Las Vegas during the "Rat Pack Years" when Las Vegas was a small town. She also toured as a dancer with Johnny Mathis. In Hollywood, Michele parlayed her dancing experience into Movie appearances for iconic choreographers such as Onna White (Music Man) and David Winters (Viva Las Vegas) and many others. Prominent television shows such as Danny Kaye, Frank Sinatra Show and the Red Skelton show and others featured, Michele as a dancer, she also performed in Musical Theatre with Donald O’Conner and others.  


Michele says about her work, “Artists create art because they must. I create what I must at that moment in time. My styles and materials vary out of a need to express my thoughts, feelings and techniques.  Ideas put into tactile materials give me a sense of satisfaction and a desire to create new and different works. Art unquestionably comes from the inner spirit.”