The Haunting
Raised by Wolves

The Haunting at Westfield UTC

Day Date Time
Wednesday Oct 16
Thursday Oct 17

Once upon a midnight dreary As we labored, weak and weary,  A stranger came knocking on our fireplace door.  The ghoul bedecked our gloomy halls In rats and bats and dead-eyed dolls. A haunting scene, grotesque, obscene, from ceiling to the floor.  And then, the bar all decked in doom, Twas time for drinks fit for a tomb.  Thirteen brand new libations served all month, then nevermore.  Throughout October come and see The Haunting we present for thee. It's time for cheery ghoulish gloom behind our fireplace door.  We'll save a tajin-salted cricket for you... 

The secret is out. Come enjoy spooky cocktails within the haunted walls of Raised by Wolves all month long and tarot card readings every Thursday in October! Make your reservation here

Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 4:00pm-12:00am, Friday-Saturday: 4:00pm-2:00am

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