Celebrate Pride Month With Us

from June 1 to June 30

Happy Pride Month! 🎉 At Westfield Valley Fair, we are proud to stand with the LGBTQIA+ community in celebrating diversity, inclusion, and equality. Throughout the month of June, we're excited to announce our support for Pride campaigns from various retailers and initiatives that uplift and empower LGBTQIA+ communities.

Here's how you can join us in celebrating Pride:

  1. Shop with Purpose: Many retailers are launching special Pride collections and campaigns, with a portion of proceeds going towards LGBTQIA+ charities and organizations. By supporting these brands, you're not only expressing your pride but also contributing to meaningful causes. For example, Abercrombie & Fitch has teamed up with The Trevor Project to donate $400,000 for their ongoing efforts to prevent suicide and crisis intervention for LGBTQIA+ young people. Look out for Pride-themed products and promotions from our partner retailers!

  2. Spread Awareness: Educate yourself and others about the history and significance of Pride Month. Share informative articles, books, movies, and resources that highlight the struggles, triumphs, and ongoing efforts of the LGBTQIA+ community. Knowledge is key to fostering empathy, understanding, and acceptance.

  3. Amplify LGBTQIA+ Voices: Use your platform to uplift LGBTQIA+ voices and stories. Share inspiring testimonials, artwork, and experiences from members of the community. Encourage open dialogue and create safe spaces for people to express themselves authentically.

  4. Support LGBTQIA+ Organizations: Consider making donations or volunteering your time to LGBTQIA+ organizations and initiatives. These organizations play a crucial role in advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights, providing support services, and promoting inclusivity in all aspects of society. A few organizations to note: The Trevor Project, Point Foundation, PFLAG, and more locally, Pacific Center for Human Growth.

Join us in spreading love, acceptance, and Pride this month and beyond!

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