CH Carolina Herrera


from May 2 to June 3

Dressed in the new ready-to-wear collection, the epitome of understated luxury and uncomplicated elegance, Liya interprets Insignia Collection must-haves such as Initials, Lacito and Doma, and other iconic bags from CH Carolina Herrera, such as Matryoshka, Blason, and Camelot.

Andy Bag: Pays homage to iconic artist Andy Warhol and his famous silkscreen prints, which are transferred to the bag through an embossed Seal with Carolina’s initials on the leather. This bag captures the spirit of creativity and individuality. Its leather evolves and becomes beautiful over time.

Matryoshka Bag: Inspired by the famous Russian dolls, this bag offers a unique design with multiple sizes that fit inside one another. Its versatility has made it a favorite amongst women around the world.

Come visit the CH Carolina Herrera boutique to experience all the new bags in person.

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