Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charge your electric vehicle while you shop. Visit our ChargePoint charging stations in the parking garage located off of Century Park West. Electrify America charging stations are also available on Level P1 near Gelson's North entrance. Tesla chargers can be located on Level P1 off Century Park West.

Cell Phone Charging Station

The last thing you will have to worry about while shopping is your phone. Our complimentary charging stations can be found at:

P1 Pink at the Ride Share Lounge, P1 Orange in front of the Public Safety & USPS Offices, P1 Purple / Yellow at Gelson’s Canyon, P3 Orange at Equinox, Level 1 at Kids Play space, Level 1 near Peloton, Level 2 in the Dining Terrace next to Sprinkles vending, Level 2 near Adidas

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