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We are a game changer in the field of location-based virtual reality experiences. We develop unique experiences combining the latest dimension of virtual reality with real-world motion - the ones you can’t experience at home. It is a life experience based on unique non-violent stories set in a historical, fairytale, or fantasy world suitable for a broad audience (7-99 years).

Players can enjoy the freedom of movement around the space of 150 sq. m./1600 sq. ft. and a high-quality 4D multi-sensory experience adventure. On their journey, they can play, interact and cooperate with each other; they can hear and see each other very clearly. Our players are also heroes in our storylines who have a purpose.

In addition, players and groups can compete with each other to earn higher scores.


In 2018, we launched one of Europe's largest VR free-roaming experiences (250 sq. m.), where you immerse yourself in old Prague and meet the legendary Golem (VR Awards finalist 2019) at Prague's famous Hamleys toy shop.

In 2019 we unveiled our second title, Arachnoid - an underground rescue mission.

The next experience in 2020 - Meet the Dinosaurs (VR Awards finalist 2021) will teleport you into a prehistoric era featuring some of the most famous dinosaurs.

In 2022, we unveiled The Lost Lab (VR Awards finalist 2022) - the mission to the underground mines and the lab with which contact was lost.

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