Radhika Kotak |  2024

Here at Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City, we have a range of diverse burgers you can choose from when visiting us. In the ever-evolving world of culinary delights, burgers have transcended their fast-food origins and become a gourmet obsession – offering a range of flavours, styles and ingredients to satisfy every palate.



Personality traits: Reliable and straightforward

Timeless, simple and perfect for those who appreciate ease and tradition. The staple burger, layered with a juicy beef patty, melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, and pickles. If your someone who enjoys the classic cheeseburger, you enjoy the tried-and-true comforts of life. A straightforward and reliable individual!

Have we tickled your tastebuds and got your mouth watering at the thought of a cheeseburger? Look no further – Bleecker Burger’s cheeseburger is widely considered to be the best burger in London, while GBK and Shake Shack offer some of the most delicious cheeseburgers around! And if you’re really looking to level it up, you can opt for a double 😉.


Personality traits: outgoing, sociable, loves anything on the grill!

BBQ is your go to? We have you down as someone who loves to have a good time. Don’t worry, we know the weather in the U.K. is very temperamental, so you don’t have to wait until the sun is shining to get your hands on a delicious BBQ flavoured meal. We have you down as someone who is up for trying something different – as long as it’s slathered in BBQ flavours!

Look no further, Balans at Westfield Stratford serve something a little different… a BBQ Pork Doughnut – yes you read that correctly, a doughnut! BBQ glazed shredded pork, crackling & pickled chillis served with fries, it will be one of the most memorable burgers you dig into.

Oh and not forgetting Big Easy at Westfield Stratford City – their Smokehouse Burger screams BBQ, Chargrilled all Beef Patty in a Brioche Bun, Deep Fried Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo & Homemade Bar.B.Q Sauce – and you don’t have to stop there, you can side up with their BBQ beans to go with!



Personality traits: Adventurous, sophisticated and a foodie

Are you someone who isn’t afraid to explore new flavours? Something a little unusual to the staple? The sound of bold cheeses, truffle aioli or even butter chicken sauces sound awakening to you? If this is you, then we are telling you to run, not walk but run to Bindas Eatery at Westfield to try their Butter Chicken Bomb.

A delicious burger oozing with butter chicken sauce, filled with marinated masala chicken, grilled with melted cheese, signature makhani sauce, sweet pickled cucumbers, and crunchy lettuce - flavoursome spices all packed in a perfect bun – their best selling and award winning dish, and that’s no exaggeration!



Personality traits: Daring, Risky and bold

If you love a spicy burger, we have you down as someone who likes to push the limits and try something new. Jalapenos, spicy mayo, hot cheese, and pepper are all must haves in your burger.

How does a British beef 60z patty, sauteed green chillis, American cheese, crispy iceberg lettuce and tangy chipotle mayo sound? Visit Byron Burger to indulge into just that.

Not forgetting Popeyes, who are famous for their delicious burgers! And lucky for the spice lover, they have two to choose from. The Popeyes SPICY! Deluxe chicken sandwich, fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese, lettuce, fresh pickles and spicy mayonnaise served in a soft brioche bun or their simple Spicy chicken sandwich - fried chicken breast, fresh pickles, spicy mayonnaise in a soft brioche bun