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How To Bring Rustic Charm To Your Home

Bring Rustic Charm Home

Easily applied to all manner of interior décor, whether it's a Tuscan villa, coastal cottage or renovated barn, rustic is quite often subjective in the design world. But the modern way to channel this popular trend throughout your home is simple, understated and quietly warm. More modern than shabby chic and more purposeful than coastal decor, rustic charm is a selective combination of lived-in cosiness and effortless styling that creates a warm and inviting space.

Luckily, you don't have to own a country pile to adopt a little rustic charm into your home. With the right accessories and key furniture pieces all found at Westfield London's Home Quarter, you can create an effortlessly cosy feel to your interior. 

Opt for earthy tones

The key to creating rustic charm into your home begins with the right colour scheme. This isn't a trend for the colour enthusiasts as it calls for muted beiges, rusty reds, deep oranges, earthy browns, and tonal accompaniments. To ensure your space doesn't resemble a cave, add in a select few of the right accessories to bring a polished elegance to the room – think brass lamps, sleek and minimal ceramics, chunky coffee table books and streamlined vases.

Heals Throw Rug

Pure Wool Throw Undyed -£119

Habitat - Textured Large Multi Wick Ceramic Candle

Textured Large Multi Wick Ceramic Candle - £10

Swap polished for weathered

That being said, the inclusion of rustic accents is what brings this trend together. Whether it's a beaten-up flowerpot filled with wildflowers or a vintage gilt mirror, the character is bountiful and gives the impression of a home well lived.

JLP - Serax Ribbed Flowerpot, Large

Serax Ribbed Flowerpot, Large - £18
John Lewis & Partners

DFS - Hackney Armchair

Hackney Armchair - £1099

Emphasise the natural

Unsurprisingly, embracing natural materials is the backbone of the rustic trend – whether it's cottage or coastal, the use of organic elements and raw materials is key. Simple, unfinished, and reclaimed are the order of the day with heavy use of wood, stone, silk, linen, and some metals threaded throughout your home are sure to create an inviting and welcoming space.

Habitat - Country Hideaway Tripod Table Lamp

Habitat Country Hideaway Tripod Table Lamp - £25

H&M - Linen Napkins

2-Pack Linen Napkins - £8.99

Bring the outside in

Capturing nature and celebrating your surroundings go hand-in-hand with a rustic home. Living seasonally through the décor is a vital element of nailing this effortless trend. This could transpire through cut tulips in early spring to make an attractive table centre piece, eucalyptus, or hydrangeas at the height of summer pamper grass in autumn and even over-sized bare sprigs to mark the winter season. These can all be arranged in rustic indoor terracotta pots or pinned up, hanging to dry in the kitchen to envelop the space in nature.

West Elm - Olive Tree

Artificial Olive Tree - £288
West Elm

JLP -  Fallen Fruits Aged Metal Garden Wall Hanging Planter

Fallen Fruits Aged Metal Garden Wall Hanging Planter - £47.99
John Lewis & Partners

Think about texture

While contemporary trends call for smooth surfaces and minimal clean lines, rustic charm goes against the grain, quite literally. Clashing textures such as linen sofas, knobbly wooden tables, rattan woven dining chairs and sisal rugs bring a Mediterranean allure to the space and a familiarity felt by every guest that darkens your door.

Raft - Teak Root Side Table

Teak Root Side Table - £564
Raft Furniture

Bo Concept - Linen Washed Cushion

Linen Washed Cushion - £52
Bo Concept

H&M - Sturdy Jute Rug

Sturdy Jute Rug - £119