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Home & Lifestyle 15 March, 2021

7 Ways To Make WFH More Enjoyable

As the world slowly gets back to normal, there's one element of the pandemic that isn't going anywhere soon and may even be here to stay – working from home. Although the thought of logging in from bed and conducting work calls in our pj's may have been the holy grail of the working day to begin with, the novelty may have worn off a year later as productivity and motivation wanes.

Enter Westfield London's Home Quarter – with a host of retailers at your disposal, we have a large selection of cosy furnishings, structured furniture and inspiring accessories to bring your WFH space to life. From cushioned office chairs and Pinterest-worthy desks to colourful plants and space-saving solutions, working from home has never looked so good.


As novel and indulgent as it was setting up shop from the comfort of your duvet in the beginning, a productive day rarely comes from the confines of your bed. Set yourself up for success by creating an area designated for working. This could be an entire room if you have the space or simply a small area in an alcove, under the stairs or in the corner of your living room. Whether it's a dining table, ladder desk or console table, find a level surface that you can set up and start to make your own for a more inspiring WFH experience.

Hudson Desk, £995 Raft

Cupertino Desk, £1,159 BoConcept



Nothing's going to make you feel more excited to start the day than a WFH space which ignites productivity and joy. One of the many benefits of working from home as opposed to in an office where rules may be in place, is that you can go to town at making your 'office' a beautiful place to spend time. This could be styled shelves above, fresh flowers on the desk, your favourite scented candle burning or a moodboard of your goals on the wall.

House by John Lewis Harry Table Lamp, £35 John Lewis & Partners

Electronic Diffuser, £65 The White Company

One Line A Day, £14.99 H&M Home


Tidy house, tidy mind. Or so the saying goes. Start the working day with a clear head and calm disposition by keeping your WFH space clutter-free. Stow away paperwork in a chic filing system, pack cables away in an on-trend basket and keep a waste paper bin close by for any unwanted notes.  Not only does it keep your work space clean and clear, it allows you to add some stylish accessories to your area. 

Ferm Living Desk Organiser Double Stack Letter Tray, £75 Heal's

Handmade Storage Basket, £17.99 H&M Home


Granted, office chairs are traditionally not winning any awards in the style stakes but finding a comfortable alternative can be the difference between a productive day and a painful one. Whether it's a tub chair you can curl up in with your iPad or a straight-backed chair for hours of screen time, there are plenty of options to make the hard slog a little more cosy.


Pop Accent Chair, £359 DFS

Cooper Mid-Century Leather Office Chair, £699 West Elm


A recent study by Cornell University found that optimising the amount of natural light in an office significantly improves health and wellness among workers, leading to gains in productivity and who are we to argue with a little natural vitamin D. Although a breathtaking view would be an added bonus, merely setting up your WFH space near, in front of or underneath a window can make all the difference to your daily mood. And if you can open it to listen to the rain or hear the birds sing it can bring a significant amount of joy to the working day. 


Not only have scientists discovered that house plants can improve our mood, they can also reduce stress levels and purify the air in our home. If you've ever stared at a computer screen for the majority of the day, looking at a plant of bunch of flowers will instantly bring moisture back to those tired, dry eyes. Ferns, Peace Lily, Parlour Palms and Fiddle Leaf Fig plants are all low maintenance and bring your working space to life.

Mid-Century Artificial Snake Plant, £16 Habitat



Without the inevitable clocking-off hours and daily commute, it's difficult to determine when you're work day ends and your home life begins. Make sure you keep the line crystal clear by marking it with a little movement. Keeping a yoga mat or small fitness equipment nearby is a great way to remind you to stretch out the kinks and relax into the evening after a day hunched over a keyboard.