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Fashion 8 October, 2020

Introducing Club Monaco

Introducing Club Monaco

Without much ceremony, or even notice, the warm weather has checked out for the season. Add to that the fact that we’re spending a lot more time at home, and you might be worried that your winter is heading for the style doldrums. But just because our horizons have narrowed slightly doesn’t mean our wardrobes have to — and Club Monaco, the latest addition to The Village, is on hand for some sartorial backup.

The Toronto-founded brand, which celebrates its 35th birthday this year, is currently helmed by Creative Director Richard Chai, and its raison d'être has always been creating better basics. This ethos translates to a dedication to classic simplicity, effortless style and thoughtful experiments with texture, form, fabric and design. Read on for our roundup of our favourite just-in styles from the label, including multitasking dresses, cosy loungewear and love-forever outerwear.

Curved Hem Shirtdress, Club Monaco

Curved Hem Shirtdress*, Club Monaco

Hooded Cashmere Cardigan, Club Monaco

Hooded Cashmere Cardigan*, Club Monaco

Boiled Wool Cardigan, Club Monaco

Boiled Wool Cardigan*, Club Monaco

Elasticated Pleated Skirt, Club Monaco

Elasticated Pleated Skirt*, Club Monaco

Denim Jacket, Club Monaco

Denim Jacket*, Club Monaco

Lounge Pants, Club Monaco

Lounge Pants*, Club Monaco

Cashmere Tank, Club Monaco

Cashmere Tank*, Club Monaco

Jersey Trench, Club Monaco

Jersey Trench*, Club Monaco

Soft Wide Leg Pants, Club Monaco

Soft Wide Leg Pants*, Club Monaco

Elasticated Jumpsuit, Club Monaco

Elasticated Jumpsuit*, Club Monaco

*Please contact store directly for pricing and availability.